Here at CC3 we are:


Our brand is our people

As an AT&T Exclusive Solution Provider, our brand is our people, their families, and our relationships. We celebrate together, laugh together, learn together, and fail together. We trust each other to do what is necessary for the company not for the bottom line, but for one another's family.

We provide the support you need, so that you can be where you need to be.

What We Offer

We have medical, optical, and dental plans to keep you feeling great.
Retirement Plan
We offer the opportunity to invest for your future with a 401k plan.
Self Growth
Be your own brand, grow your skill sets, and be a better person both at work and at home.
CC3 was founded on relationships, so we emphasize the importance of relationships both within and outside the company.
There are so many we should have put this first. Earn extra bonuses, vacations, and other incentives based on results.
Team Events
A work family can't always be about work, so we watch other teams play sports, eat meals, go on retreats, and even see movies together.

Current Openings

20+ years of success

While CC3 is a young company, our members comprise decades of experience in the industry. Whether on the support side or on the sales side, we have accumulated unique paths of success that have become the foundation to CC3’s early rapid growth.

We’re committed to the highest customer satisfaction, and pride ourselves on being flexible, agile, and reliable - often doing what others won’t.

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